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At his San Francisco, CA practice, Eric Tabas MD Inc., Dr. Eric Tabas specializes in well-woman exams. He’s honored that so many women who live in the Bay Area come to him for their preventative well-woman visits, and he’s glad to continue serving the area.

Well-Woman Exams Q & A

by Eric Tabas, MD

What Are well-woman exams?

Well-woman exams are preventative exams that assess the health of a woman’s reproductive system. The exam usually covers all of the reproductive systems, including both the breasts and vagina.

What is usually included in well-woman exams?

As with any doctor’s visit, well-woman exams usually begin with a conversation that covers the patient’s family history and current health. The doctor may also ask about any medical issues in the past year. While OB/GYNs are focused on the reproductive system during these exams, any recent medical issues may be relevant and should be mentioned during this time.

After the preliminaries of the appointment have been taken care of, the exam itself will commence. Most well-woman exams include three components:

  • An examination of the breasts
  • An examination of the pelvic area and female genitalia
  • A pap smear

(What is specifically included in any one exam may depend on a patient’s age, health, sexual activity, and other factors.)

What kinds of women should get well-woman exams?

Most women who have gone through puberty are advised to get well-woman exams. Because these are preventive exams, women shouldn’t wait for symptoms to appear before scheduling one. In general, women are advised to have an exam annually.

What Should Women Look for When Selecting an OB/GYN?

When deciding who to go to for a well-woman exam, residents of San Francisco should look for an OB/GYN who is licensed and board-certified in California. In addition to this, women may want to go to an OB/GYN, who has a practice near where they work or live so that getting to and from the appointment is easy.

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